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We are entering the climate decade, a ten-year period where our collective actions will determine the kind of world our children and grandchildren will inherit.


In this context, we have once again joined with our partners at GlobeScan to ask global sustainability experts to evaluate progress on climate change, corporate climate leadership, as well as the tools and solutions that will help accelerate emissions reductions and climate resilience. In our latest report, The Climate Decade: Ten Years to Deliver the Paris Agreement we analyze the viewpoints of over 550 global sustainability experts representing business, government, NGOs and academia across 47 countries on a range of questions including:

  • Which global actors play the most critical role in achieving progress toward the goals of the Paris Agreement?

  • What are the most effective tools and strategies for companies wanting to act on climate mitigation and adaptation?

  • What are the greatest risks to companies that fail to take action?

  • Which companies are considered leaders on climate change and why?

This webinar covered survey findings and featured a lively discussion between Mark Lee, Executive Director at SustainAbility, Eric Whan, Director at GlobeScan, Charles Allison, Partner, Energy & Climate Change Services at Environmental Resources Management (ERM), Katie Sullivan, Managing Director at IETA and Carmel McQuaid, Head of Sustainable Business at Marks and Spencer.