On behalf of Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and through its development of a framework to estimate life cycle emissions of delivered natural gas, the Gas Company Climate Planning Tool was developed to help natural gas utilities and other stakeholders quantify the impacts of alternative supply- and demand-side scenarios. This Excel-based tool can provide analytical support to users by evaluating:

  • Company-specific life cycle GHG emissions associated with delivered gas;
  • GHG emissions and delivered energy demand across business-as-usual (BAU) and user-defined scenarios; and
  • Impacts and changes in emissions, social cost of carbon savings, and gas demand resulting from gas company upgrades and application of supply- and demand-side strategies.
  • The tool is pre-populated with data publicly reported by U.S. natural gas utilities and allows users to define analysis parameters and apply custom scenarios. Results are updated in real-time as inputs, assumptions, and strategies are changed.

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Release Version: 2.0 (June 2022)

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