The Regional EV Charging Infrastructure Location Identification Toolkit (ILIT) was created to evaluate the existing electric vehicle (EV) fast charging network and provide customizable filters and metrics to identify potential priority locations for future EV infrastructure development. This regional analysis framework is focused on public direct current fast charging (DCFC) infrastructure in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast states from Maine to North Carolina.

The Toolkit includes three tools—the ILIT Model, Results Mapper, and Data Viewer—which together allow the user to assess locations using key metrics important for DCFC infrastructure, including proximity to existing EV charging infrastructure, commercial activity, and demographic data. The tools are designed so a user may generate and visualize rankings of locations that reflect the relative suitability of those locations for infrastructure development based on regional, state, or local priorities. The Toolkit includes demographic, economic, and environmental indicators to support equitable EV infrastructure planning and analysis.