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Project Overview

The Regeneration Roadmap, a collaborative and multi-faceted initiative by GlobeScan and SustainAbility, aims to provide a way forward for achieving sustainable development within the next generation, focusing in particular on ways the private sector can improve sustainability strategy, increase credibility and deliver results at greater speed and scale.

Nearly 25 years after the Brundtland Commission released Our Common Future, and 20 years after the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, The Regeneration Roadmap assesses progress made on the sustainable development agenda and offers a new path forward.

This project is inspired by interviews with sustainable development Pioneers, The Ray Anderson Memorial Interviews, conducted over the last year and includes perspectives from a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs attained through a series of global salons and quantative surveys.


The Regeneration Roadmap explored the past, current and future state of sustainability leadership. For a list of all the published research reports that made up the project please visit the reports section of The Regeneration Roadmap website.

Final Report

Changing Tack
Extending Corporate Leadership on Sustainable Development

The final output of The Regeneration Roadmap, Changing Tack offers the private sector a prescription for piloting the unfamiliar seas of sustainable development that lie ahead.

White Papers

Unfinished Business
Perspectives from the Sustainable Development Frontier

In our first project white paper, we reveal our pioneers’ perspectives on progress made since the 1992 Earth Summit, highlight the need for business to take a lead in sustainable development and raise questions about the future.

Down to Business
Leading at Rio+20 and Beyond

In this paper we assess expectations for the Rio+20 Summit by sharing the perspectives of over 1,600 sustainability experts from 117 countries, and nearly 25,000 members of the global public from 22 countries.

Global Surveys

Re:Thinking Consumerism
Consumers & The Future of Sustainability

An in-depth online survey of consumer attitudes, motivations and behaviors relating to sustainable consumption among 6,224 respondents across six major international markets conducted in September and October 2012.

Global Expert Opinion Report
on the State of Sustainable Development

This authoritative survey of 1,603 sustainability experts from 117 countries provides a rigorous review of progress on sustainable development since 1992, the performance of various societal actors, most material issues going forward, and opportunities to accelerate progress.

Global Public Opinion Report
on the State of Sustainable Development

This quantitative study is based on nearly 25,000 interviews across the world with the general public in 23 countries and explores public perspectives on progress to date on sustainable development challenges, institutional performance, and expectations for the future.

Global Societal Trends Report
on the State of Sustainable Development

Conducted in January 2012, this survey explores public concern about both environmental pollution and climate change.

Bringing Rio Closer” research briefs

Our research briefs provided a closer look at the history of sustainable development through the United Nations Summit process. In each brief, we offered an overview of the event/report and described the outcomes as well as the aims of government, business and civil society.

Pioneer Videos

In 2011, we interviewed 20 sustainable development Pioneers from business, government and civil society. These Pioneers, notable for their long term commitment to sustainable development,* generously shared their experiences and insights with us in a video series called The Ray Anderson Memorial Interviews, in honor of the late sustainable business leader, Founder and Chairman of Interface Inc., Ray Anderson.

Their collective wisdom forms the foundation of The Regeneration Roadmap. In these interviews, we talked to the Pioneers about regeneration: how to achieve it and whether there is still time. We heard about the sizeable hurdles as well as the incremental and more fundamental wins of the sustainable development journey over the last two decades.

The Ray Anderson Memorial Interviews were released weekly between March and Rio+20 in June 2012 through our official media partner, Guardian Sustainable Business (GSB) and on The Regeneration Roadmap website.

The Ray Anderson Memorial Interviews

Unfinished Business

Reflecting on Rio

The Need for Women’s Empowerment

Achieving Global Consensus

Our Scarcest Resource is Time

Rethinking Our Economic System

21st Century Leadership

Taking Action on
Climate Change

International Governance

Our Global Governance Crisis

Why Meaningful Progress Depends on Activists

Spotlight on Business

The Power of Convergence and Collaboration

Where Do You Find Hope?

Next 20 Years

Mobilizing the Response


The Regeneration Roadmap convened a global series of Regeneration Salon dialogues designed for participants to co-create a Regeneration Roadmap focused on ways the private sector can improve sustainability strategy, increase credibility and deliver higher impact results at greater speed and scale.

Salons were held in the following cities and on the following topics:

  • Health and Demographic Risks in a Changing Asia – Beijing
  • Business Model Innovation for a Sustainable Future – London
  • The Public or the Market: Who Shapes Sustainability Progress? – Shanghai
  • Collaboration: New Models and Mindsets – Silicon Valley
  • Envisioning a Renewable Energy Economy – Washington, D.C.

Limited to 30 attendees, each salon featured provocative and stimulating conversation among senior sustainability leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs and citizen influencers. Participants’ input provided an indicative path for the Regeneration Roadmap, a public plan to be released in Summer 2013 that will present options with new potential to address the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges.

To view summary reports from each of the salons please visit The Regeneration Roadmap website.

Sponsors & Partners

The Regeneration Roadmap is a joint initiative by Sustainability and GlobeScan which would not be possible without the ongoing support of our many sponsors and partners.

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