This publication presents findings from the latest GlobeScan / SustainAbility Institute by ERM Survey of 215 sustainability experts across 41 countries from corporate, academia, NGO, and other sectors.

These findings come at a pressing time. While the Decade of Action as proclaimed by the UN is well underway, progress on sustainability-related challenges seems to have slowed or even stopped. The global pandemic, rising inflation, geopolitical tensions, and myriad other issues have hindered the public and private sectors’ ability to act on issues like curbing emissions, transitioning to renewable energy, and addressing social injustices.

Results from this GlobeScan / SustainAbility Institute by ERM Survey echo this sentiment, indicating that many experts still rate progress on the SDGs as poor and find progress on many critical issues to be too slow. Encouragingly, however, expert views on the climate solutions that will have the most impact align well with those that can be implemented at scale. And though they recognize there is much work to be done to achieve a just transition, experts across geographies tend to agree on the most significant challenges to achieving this Goal.

While findings indicate alignment on which climate solutions have the highest potential to address one of the most urgent SDGs, experts agree that more action and faster implementation is needed to make further progress on all of the SDGs and to achieve a just transition. For significant progress to be made, it will truly need to be a Decade of Action.

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About the survey

Open from September 27th to October 28th, respondents provided input on perceived progress toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how to best move forward to ensure Paris Agreement success. Sustainability professionals were asked to weigh in on the solutions that they see as the most effective in addressing the climate crisis and the greatest challenges their respective regions face in terms of achieving a just transition.