The Evaluation & Development of Regional Infrastructure for Vehicle Electrification (E-DRIVE) model is a user-friendly analytical tool to support the planning of electric vehicle fast charging infrastructure throughout the United States.

E-DRIVE is a data-driven tool that considers a variety of key metrics important for fast charging infrastructure, including the proximity to existing fast charging stations, traffic volume, nearby commercial activity, and access to home charging. The highly customizable dashboard interface supports a diverse set of users and produces results that reflect the relative suitability of areas for infrastructure development based on regional, state, or local priorities.

E-DRIVE is designed so a user may define the scope, inputs, and assumptions of the analysis and simultaneously generate and visualize results that indicate areas that may be most suitable for fast charging development. The model also includes demographic, economic, and environmental indicators to support equitable charging infrastructure planning and analysis.

Release Version: 1.2 (released July 2022; charging infrastructure current as of June 22, 2023)

Additional Resources and Collaboration
The E-DRIVE Model is a screening tool that provides initial insight into areas that are potentially suitable for the development of fast charging infrastructure. Additional analysis, planning, and consideration of local factors are necessary to identify individual locations that are best-suited for charging infrastructure development. Please contact ERM if you have questions regarding E-DRIVE, are interested in supplementary or complementary analytical resources, or would like to collaborate on charging infrastructure development projects more specific to your needs.