Zoe Arden Quoted in BBC Article on Tech and Sustainability

08 May 2014 – SA in the News

In last week’s BBC article “Can Tech Deliver a Sustainable Future for Planet Earth?” SustainAbility Director Zoe Arden weighed in with her thoughts on the role that business must play to reduce the strain on the planet for natural resources, especially as our demand for energy, and the technologies it powers, continue to grow.

“‘Many businesses rely on basic natural resources like water to make their products,’ says Zoe Arden, director at think tank SustainAbility. ‘But it’s a depleting resource. The water table in China is plummeting alarmingly and large areas of the country are in drought situations. The world is changing very fast. Global megatrends are markedly affecting the business environment. If firms don’t address these and think longer-term, they may end up putting themselves out of business,’ she argues.”

This article is part of a month-long series of features from the BBC on the theme of sustainability entitled Technology of Business that examines the main challenges facing businesses and asks whether technology can help get us out.

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