Geoff Kendall to Chair a Panel at GreenBiz Group's Convergence Paris Event

10 Apr 2013 – Event

SustainAbility Development Director Geoff Kendall will chair a panel session at this year’s Convergence Paris event hosted by GreenBiz Group. The event is scheduled to take place from June 26, 2013 – June 27, 2013 at the Microsoft Conference Centre in Paris.

Convergence Paris is part of the VERGE event series, which brings together business leaders and key influencers to explore opportunities at the intersection of the energy, information, buildings, and transportation sectors. Through keynote interviews, moderated panels, talks and interactive discussions, Convergence Paris will explore 7 key themes:

  • M2M / Internet of Things: Wireless communications and embedded intelligence connect billions of devices to monitor and manage energy use.
  • Smarter Supply Chains: Data-sharing and new technologies to create competitive global supply chains.
  • Future Cities: Innovative financing, technology enablers, public-private partnerships, platforms for sustainability strategies.
  • Next-Gen Buildings: Automation systems, embedded sensors, advanced lighting, demand response, data transparency.
  • Data: How big data, advanced computing power, and analytics create actionable insight.
  • New Energy Systems: Cloud-based IT processes, corporate energy management for facilities and data centers, integrating renewables & distributed generation.
  • Intelligent Transportation: Connected vehicles, fleet management and logistics, sustainable mobility.

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VERGE conferences have traveled the globe with events in Shanghai, London, Sao Paulo, Washington DC, and San Francisco, all simulcast to a global audience via a highly-interactive virtual environment. Prior VERGE conferences have featured thought leaders from a wide variety of sectors, including SustainAbility founder John Elkington, Tony Hsieh, Steve Case, Jon Wellinghoff, Amory Lovins, Tim O’Reilly, Bill McDonough, Carl Bass, and many more.

For more information visit the VERGE microsite.

About GreenBiz Group

GreenBiz Group is the world’s first and only mainstream media company focused exclusively on sustainability and the competitive edge it brings to businesses. Its focus is on providing resources that help the rapidly growing market of green- minded professionals and institutions succeed and prosper.

For more information visit the GreenBiz website.

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