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12 Feb 2014 – News Release

Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our latest report, Model Behavior: 20 Business Model Innovations for Sustainability .

The idea of business model innovation captivates business leaders and sustainability advocates alike. The inner workings of a business model—its products and processes, its interactions with stakeholders, what and how it measures, the transactions it requires—influence a company’s ability to thrive in the future, and shape its impacts on people and planet.

But, how does business model innovation work? How does each new model, from car sharing to distributed energy and crowd sourcing, contribute to sustainability? From our research and review of 87 company examples, Model Behavior identifies 20 distinct business models that advance sustainability. In the report, we explore each model’s mechanics and implications. In doing so, we hope to start more focused conversation about business model innovation and how we can catalyze more of it.

Model Behavior marks the beginning of ongoing, in-depth exploration of this topic. We look forward to hearing your feedback and sharing what’s next for this research initiative.

Read the full report here.

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