Lorraine Smith Participates in Panel Discussion, "Under the Hood: Corporate Sustainability in 2014"

31 Aug 2014 – Event

On September 3, Lorraine Smith, Senior Director at SustainAbility, is participating in a panel discussion entitled “Under the Hood: Corporate Sustainability in 2014” at Baruch College. The panel will be moderated by Max Driscoll, Director of Sustainability Practice Network, Croxton Collaborative Architects. Other panelists include:

  • Michael Deane, Vice President, Chief of Sustainability, Turner Construction Company;
  • Su Gao, Senior ESG Analyst, Bloomberg LLP;
  • Davida Heller, Ass’t VP, Corporate Sustainability, Citi;
  • Adam Kanzer, General Counsel, Domini Social Investments

About the panel
In the last decade, the market conditions driving corporate and global sustainability – climate change, stakeholder pressure for transparency and accountability, resource constraints, security, world health and globalization – have become increasingly more apparent and identifiable. At the same time, there is a corresponding corporate awareness that developing a strategic response to these conditions will result in greater brand equity and stock price, better quality of life, healthier ecosystems and more resilient infrastructure for all company stakeholders – including investors and customers, employees and business partners, and the communities it serves.

According to KPMG 95% of the top 250 companies globally are reporting their sustainability performance. Does this mean we can collectively breathe a sigh of relief? Are corporations finally getting it? Maybe, maybe not. McKinsey and Company’s most recent Global Survey Results showed that while many companies view sustainability as a priority, most are failing to incorporate it into their core business practices, services, and products.

This panel will explore the workplace culture, technology and processes essential to optimize strategy execution to enhance environmental, social and economic performance. What impact are (ESG) metrics having on Wall Street’s demand to deliver immediate financial results at the expense of longer term prosperity? How are leaders in corporate sustainability addressing internal realities and the pressure from Wall Street? What are the specific lessons they’ve learned and how can that learning be shared? The Sustainability Practice Network and Baruch College’s Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity convene this panel to address these questions and more.

To attend, please RSVP to events@sustainabilitypractice.net.

Venue: Baruch College’s Library Building, 151 E 25th Street (between Lex and 3rd),
Room 750.

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