Fast Company: How to Prepare Our Failing Food System for the Future

01 Jul 2011 – SA in the News

Fast Company reports on SustainAbility’s new report, Appetite for Change, on how our food system is failing, and how the food sector itself must lead the way to a more equitable and sustainable future.

From the Article:

Your local grocery store may be stocked with foods from around the world, but make no mistake: Our food system is starting to fail. Resource constraints, unpredictable weather, increases in food-borne illnesses, and malnutrition (925 million people are malnourished while one billion are chronically obese) are all making the major food corporations rethink the way they do business.

A new report from sustainable innovation company SustainAbility (sponsored by two of those companies, Nestle and Sodexo)—aims to outline the problems and how we might begin to rethink a future food system. The major food corporations know that they need to change. “We didn’t expect industry to come up with a such a low grade of itself.” says Jennifer Biringer, director at SustainAbility. “There’s such a disconnect between how corporations are adjusting to food security and industry issues … versus entrepreneurs and governments that are calling for a radical new ecological approach. Companies like Unilever and Nestle rated themselves between a four and six out of ten.”

Read the full article from Fast Company, and download the report from our Library.

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