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Rate the Raters: Phase Five

05 Dec 2012 – Report

Taking the pulse of mainstream investors on sustainability

We have extensive experience in managing portfolios with social, environmental, and religious considerations, and are committed to an integrated approach to Environmental, Social and Government issues (ESG) as part of our overall investment management process.

If you follow the responsible investment field, you are no doubt familiar with statements like this from a large, global asset manager that is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. These statements likely give you hope – that over 1,000 investors managing over $30 trillion in assets have endorsed PRI is real progress. Yet, you should also have serious questions, as these commitments are not yet sufficiently translating into action by investors.

In this piece of our Rate the Raters research, we set out to better understand the perspectives of mainstream analysts and portfolio managers on ESG issues and ratings. Through a survey and one-on-one interviews, we sought the views of investors who don’t specifically focus on socially responsible investment, believing that if we are to make progress on the issues we care about – climate change, poverty, health, etc. – we must work harder to engage this group, which by one recent estimate represents 89% of the assets in the US.

To learn what the investors think, please watch this video or download the survey results below.

  • Rate the Raters: Phase Five - The Investors View PDF - 4278 kB Download

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