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Rate the Raters: Phase Five

19 Oct 2012 – Report

Throughout the first four phases of Rate the Raters, we heard perspectives from a number of companies on sustainability ratings, and included some of these in our reports. We certainly heard a lot about the things ratings should do better (greater transparency, more feedback, etc.). Yet, we completed phase four lacking a systematic view on how ratings are being used by, and creating value for, companies. We thus set out in phase five to better understand how companies are using and getting value from ratings, and interviewed nearly 30 companies in the process.

We spoke with individuals responsible for managing the ratings process within these companies and asked them the following questions:

  • Which ratings, rankings and indices do you prioritize and why?
  • How has your approach to managing ratings evolved over last five years?
  • How do you use ratings in your work?
  • How do you get value from ratings?
  • What and how do you communicate about ratings to your non-sustainability
  • How could ratings create more value for your work?

We present the highlights of our conversations in this paper.

  • Rate the Raters, Phase 5: The Company Perspective PDF - 547 kB Download

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