Radar: Issue 04

July 2014

11 Jul 2014 – Radar Archive

The term ‘stakeholder engagement’ is up there with some of the worst sustainability jargon. However, the notion behind it – looking outside the company to really understand the views of critics, customers, financiers or suppliers – is a powerful one. As one of our clients said, there is significant value “in seeing ourselves as others see us.”

Gathering external intelligence to help better align business practices with societal expectations remains a key part of companies’ engagement strategies. However, as relationships between corporates and NGOs, governments and even competitors have become less antagonistic, more cooperative, collaborative and impactful stakeholder relationships have emerged.

In this summer edition of Radar, we look at business engagement from a number of angles. Janet Voûte of Nestlé gives her perspective on how good dialogue enables very different organisations to co-develop solutions to societal challenges. Craig Bennett of Friends of the Earth reflects on the need for businesses to more effectively collaborate with each other to send a clear and progressive message to government for more sustainable public policy. Darian Stibbe of The Partnering Initiative provides a practitioner’s view of what makes multi-stakeholder partnerships successful.

We also draw on our own experience working with companies on their engagement strategies. Alicia Ayars highlights the essential attributes of more collaborative and solutions-focused engagements. Margo Mosher presents ten tips for ensuring the success of external stakeholder advisory panels. JP Leous discusses how the next phase of sustainability leadership will be claimed by those who better engage with governments to fix policy roadblocks.

We also feature our regular Quarterly Trends, insight from The 2014 SustainAbility Leaders survey, and highlight a report from our archive.

We hope you enjoy this summer edition of Radar, which is now available to download on Android as well as on iPad devices.

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