Radar: Issue 03

April 2014

02 Apr 2014 – Radar Archive

The financial crisis has dominated headlines for several years. Now the talk has switched to recovery, which has led us to the question what type of recovery? There is an urgent need to reshape the global economic system—including financial markets—to better serve the needs of society, the environment and the wider economy. While we welcome signs of improved financial investment, rising incomes and profitability, we must also ensure that they are not at the expense of more sustainable development.

In this third edition of Radar, we explore the issue of sustainable finance and ask what chance is there for change? In our lead article we outline the business case for banks to be the institutions that steer us into a new era of sustainable finance (Banking on Sustainability: Financing the Future). Rob Cameron interviews Leo Johnson about his new book and the signs he sees of a new form of capitalism emerging (The Unusual Suspects: Leo Johnson).

We feature a documentary from The Finance Innovation Lab that highlights many of the emerging innovations challenging the status quo in the financial sector (In Focus: Transforming Finance). Some of these new financial models are also spotlighted in an excerpt from our latest report, Model Behavior (Model Behavior: Innovative Financing Advances Sustainability).

Better integration of a company’s sustainability practices and financial decision-making is critical to rebalancing our economy and requires the perspectives and skills of chief financial officers (CFO). We interview Jessica Fries about the new CFO Leadership Network (Meet Our Network: Jessica Fries) and we republish a blog post that explores how the IIRC’s integrated reporting framework helps companies more effectively bring together corporate and sustainability objectives (From the Blog: Confused About Integrated Reporting?).

We hope you enjoy the spring issue of Radar. As always, we welcome your feedback.

*Please note that Radar is an interactive digital publication and as such not all of the interactive features will work in the PDF version of the magazine.

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