Case Studies
Think tank and consulting projects illustrating our unique approach and impact

  • Nike Inc.

    Supply Chain

    Since the late 1990s, SustainAbility has served as a trusted guide to NIKE, Inc. most recently helping it in its bid to eliminate the discharge of hazardous chemicals from its supply chain.

  • Forest Stewardship Council


    SustainAbility partnered with PwC to deliver a fundamental review of FSC's business model, with the emphasis on strengthening its financial position and enabling it to deliver on its mission.

    Intelligence, Strategy
  • Nestlé

    Strategy & Stakeholder Facilitation

    Since 2007, SustainAbility has worked with Nestlé, the world’s largest food & beverage manufacturer, to help develop its approach to sustainability strategy, stakeholder engagement and reporting.

    Intelligence, Engagement, ...
  • Brown-Forman

    Strategic Advisory, Branding

    We've served as a trusted adviser to Brown-Forman on topics including alcohol responsibility, long-term strategy, brand integration, social investment, reporting, stakeholder engagement and agriculture.

    Intelligence, Engagement, ...
  • Coca-Cola

    Value Chain Strategy

    We worked with Coca-Cola to develop a value chain strategy to better assess both business and sustainability value, specifically linking production issues (e.g. supply security) to consumption issues (e.g. nutrition).

    Engagement, Strategy
  • Ford

    Strategic Advisory

    Initially retained to help craft Ford’s original sustainability strategy, our brief expanded to include guidance on reporting, advice on Ford positioning on climate change, and support in crafting Ford’s Business Principles.

    Intelligence, Engagement, ...
  • Abbott

    Strategy and Reporting

    Our work has included collaborating on development of a water management strategy, and ongoing support for corporate citizenship reporting and stakeholder engagement.

    Engagement, Strategy
  • Bayer

    Strategy Review

    Bayer needed support with the development of an overriding strategy framework linking mega-trends, corporate strategy, sustainability strategy and material issues, actions and KPIs.

    Engagement, Strategy
  • GlobeScan

    Research & Consulting Partnership

    Together we established The Sustainability Survey Research Program, a collaborative platform using research-driven expert insights to explore solutions to business’ biggest sustainability challenges.

  • Shell

    Strategic Advisory

    Initially retained to help with Shell's groundbreaking first sustainability report in 1998, we now have engaged different Shell people and divisions on a range of sustainability issues over more than a decade.

    Intelligence, Engagement, ...
  • Standard Chartered

    Mega-Trends Analysis

    Standard Chartered sought assistance exploring ways in which sustainability would be critical to ensuring the success of the century-and-a-half old bank "for the next 150 years."

    Intelligence, Engagement
  • UNEP

    Research Partnership

    Sustainability and the United Nation’s Environmental Programme (UNEP) have collaborated on myriad programs and publications since 1994.

    Intelligence, Engagement
  • AEP

    Stakeholder Facilitation

    AEP sought input on how to improve its sustainability reporting, programs and performance. We helped transform its approach to engagement and transparency in order to capture insights critical to the future of its business.

  • HP

    Stakeholder Facilitation

    HP identified the need to establish an ongoing dialogue at the corporate level with sustainability thought leaders, to better understand external perceptions of the issues critical to society and their business.

    Engagement, Strategy
  • Skoll Foundation

    Social Entrepreneurship Partnership

    SustainAbility entered into a multi-year partnership with the Skoll Foundation to explore what opportunities might exist to build bridges between mainstream business and social entrepreneurs.

    Intelligence, Engagement
  • Starbucks

    Strategic Advisory

    We reviewed Starbucks' sustainability strategy to improve efforts including sourcing practices for goods other than coffee, its approach to philanthropy, transparency, reporting and assurance, and leadership at the executive and board levels.

    Intelligence, Engagement, ...
  • Tata Power

    Community Engagement Strategy

    Heavy expansion in the Indian utility industry has underscored the need for effective engagement with affected communities. We worked to develop and implement a community engagement framework consistent with the company’s core values.

    Engagement, Strategy


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