The Year Ahead: Network View on 2014, Part 1

04 Mar 2014Frances Buckingham

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At the end of 2013, we asked a select group of clients and experts from our network what they thought would be on the horizon for sustainability in 2014. We published over 20 responses in the most recent edition of Radar and from time to time, we’ll highlight those responses on our blog.

“I see the emergence of a new approach to sustainable marketing, an approach that is in tune with how consumers shop: moving away from the ineffective approach of just giving consumers information to constructing a shopping environment that will help consumers notice, remember, see and ultimately buy sustainable brands.”
— Daniel Vennard, Global Sustainability Director for Brands, Mars Inc.

“An increased focus on ESG materiality assessment as a mainstream corporate responsibility practice (with the new focus on materiality in the GRI G4 guidelines, SASB, and IIRC efforts).”
— Steve Lippman, Director, Corporate Citizenship, Microsoft

“With government spending still under tremendous scrutiny, and an uneven economic recovery the new norm, issues about the shrinking ‘middle class’ and economic fairness in North America and Europe will take center stage. Typically addressed in a developing world context by companies embracing sustainability, they will now need to think through these same principles in a way that works for the business model in a different context.”
— Ben Packard, Director of Corporate Engagement, The Nature Conservancy

“I think the current media attention on ‘resilience’ may help elevate consideration for environmental opportunities like green stormwater management and microgrids, but it could also lead to a singular focus on reacting to environmental disaster, rather than preventing it, which is a risk.”
— Emma Stewart, Head of Sustainability Solutions, Autodesk

“The constant desire to identify, or indeed, invent the next big thing is actually now becoming a drag on progress and leading to paralysis through analysis. We have enough to work on. It’s time for action.”
— Duncan Pollard, AVP Stakeholder Engagement at Nestle

“There will be an increasing focus on poverty in all its dimensions – the increasing inequality, increasing food and nutrition insecurity, increasing unrest due to lack of economic opportunity and poverty, increasing impact on water and land and climate due to unsustainable practices and need for basic (and cheap) resources like wood fuel.”
— Kavita Prakash-Mani, Head Food Security Agenda, Syngenta

For more on what’s ahead for 2014, check out our latest edition of Radar.

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