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  • Cindy Gallop is a force. She is a magnetic, dynamic character that oozes positivity and passion in ways I have never encountered.

    An ex-advertising queen, she recently founded, an incredibly innovative micro-action platform designed to turn good intentions into concrete action. Based on a crowd-sourcing principle, Gallop’s venture is meant to motivate people to do things by partaking in micro-actions that can effect great change in the world…

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  • I’m heading to Sustainable Brands ’11 (SB11) in Monterey, CA, in few weeks, where I will deliver the opening keynote the morning of June 08, then MC the rest of that morning. As I prepare to make the journey with colleagues Patrin Watanatada and Chris Guenther, I have been reviewing some related thinking SustainAbility has done these last few years, in particular the principles for sustainable branding I tested in my keynote at SB09

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  • At the end of last year, my colleagues and I wrote, debated, and then re-wrote a blog on ten sustainability trends from 2010. Now that 2011 is underway, here are five trends we’re watching closely. We hope you’ll join the discussion and share your thoughts on the key issues appearing (and not appearing) on this list.

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  • SustainAbility’s Frances Buckingham sits down with Paul Gilding – an independent writer and advocate on climate change, and former CEO of Greenpeace International and other NGOs – to discuss his new book and his optimism for humanity’s ability to successfully navigate, and be better off on the other side of, the Great Disruption….

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